My presentation was a success and I was pleased with my grade because it was what sufficient enough for me. I think I could have done better , but I did what I could. The judges were very nice and they did not give me a lot of problems. If I had a chance to […]

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Final Week

My experience with the book has been good. Even though the book is in four different perspectives. Four different perspectives can be confusing , because your all over the place. Everyone has a different experience . The book is very diverse and everyone comes from different places , because Sylv and Autumn are apart of […]

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Furious , Frustrated

I am frustrated with reading my book because I feel like at times we don’t have enough time. We’re always doing something even though we get study hall time it’s still not enough time. We don’t get enough sleep we get up very early. If we don’t get something done we have to stay up […]

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74.1% of LGBT students get verbally bullied , because of their sexual orientation and 55.2% because of their gender expression. Lots of times bullying can lead to altercations , and the victim has nothing to do with. The bully just wants to fight them because the way they look. This is most common for boys […]

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When I see the book title “This is where it ends” I think of death. I think of death because it talks about ending something. The book is about death and pain. When most people are in pain they want to hurt other people ,because they want others to feel how they do. That is […]

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Cyber bullying

People often think bullying and cyber bullying are different. Which they are but they still are bullying someone else. Cyber bullying is bullying on social media. That is most common now because most kids and adults have phones. Cyber bullying is just easily done by electronic advices. Lots of kids look at social media to […]

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